5 Ideas for Using Your Wallet Sized Prints!


We LOVE the wallet sized prints as they are uber cute, gorgeous and extremely portable!

We couldn’t find these little explosions of wallet sized joy anywhere, so we created them ourselves.

1) Put your wallet sized prints….in your wallet (or purse, or Filofax!)
Let them peek out of your wallet window instead of the usual driver’s license or standard photo. It will make you smile every time you go to pay for something :)

2) Give them to friends and family as keepsakes
Hand out these little mementos of big occasions to friends and family that were involved in the event. They make wonderful souvenirs and when someone asks ‘Hey, didn’t so-and-so have their baby/wedding/engagement recently?’, they can whip out their print and say, ‘Yes they did! Have a look!”.

3) Gift a set to the Parentals and Grandparentals so they can spread the love
Parents and grandparents love sharing news of their family members right?! Give Mum and Dad a LoveTyped wallet print of your wedding day. Gift Nana and Gramps with TinyTyped wallet prints so they can show off their grandson or granddaughter. They will love it :)

4) Stick them in all the places you want reminders
Put your LifeTyped Life Manifesto in your wallet, your orgnaiser or diary, your bathroom mirror and your car dashboard to remind you to stop and remember the important things. Put one of your other wallet sized prints of a special life moment in the same places to celebrate that event and put a smile on your face as you go through your day.

5) Hide them around the place and surprise yourself!
Hide them in coat pockets, tupperware containers and books. Then forget about them. Imagine the delicious surprise when you stumble across a print. Make a game of it with others in your household – when someone finds one they have to squirrel it away in another location.

Do you have other ideas about used for the wallet sized LifeTyped prints? Share them with us below.

Have you been LifeTyped?

Kirsten & Arienne

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Launch Special: Receive a Free 5×7 ‘Christmas Wish’ Print with any Order

Dear Life Celebrators and Thoughtful Gift Givers,

To share the love around the launch of LifeTyped, we are offering a free print for all orders placed between Tuesday 27th November – Tuesday 4th December 2012!

It is the perfect image to have around the house in the lead up to Christmas or to help decorate your Christmas Table.

This free 5×7 Christmas Wish print is professionally printed on high quality paper and is guaranteed to brighten up your room and help spread Christmas cheer!

*One print per order.
*Frame is not included in gift.
*Any orders that have already been placed will receive this free print too!

Have you been LifeTyped?

Warm Festive Wishes to you from us,
Kirsten & Arienne

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Drum Roll…LifeTyped is LIVE!


After sleepless nights and long days in front of the computer, the LifeTyped Team of KBAG is ready to provide you with beautiful personalised prints of your life’s moments captured in Words and honoured as Art!

Check out our new website at www.lifetyped.com to peruse a range of life-enhancing prints which would make thoughtful presents and fabulous Christmas gifts!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments below and we will answer them to your heart’s content.

Here’s to making and documenting wonderful memories,
Kirsten and Arienne (KBAG) xo

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Behind The Scenes At 11pm


Howdy World! This is the LifeTyped team working away late into the evening trying to get all the wonderful fiddly bits together for you! Yes, you (do you feel bad keeping us awake?!). Well, you shouldn’t, we chose this :)

We are so excited to bring you our range of personalised prints and manifestos to adorn your walls, shelves and hearts.

Kirsten is putting together the templates and pictures in a presentable format, while I’m tearing my hair out putting the website together.

We’re getting our second wind and working hard to ensure everything goes well! It is so nice working with someone else to share the joys, decisions and challenges :)

Here’s to more fun times, documented histories and gorgeous works of art!

Get it LifeTyped!
Kirsten & Arienne



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