Drum Roll…LifeTyped is LIVE!


After sleepless nights and long days in front of the computer, the LifeTyped Team of KBAG is ready to provide you with beautiful personalised prints of your life’s moments captured in Words and honoured as Art!

Check out our new website at www.lifetyped.com to peruse a range of life-enhancing prints which would make thoughtful presents and fabulous Christmas gifts!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments below and we will answer them to your heart’s content.

Here’s to making and documenting wonderful memories,
Kirsten and Arienne (KBAG) xo


About Arienne Gorlach

Luxe Life Adventuress. Life Design Enthusiast. Stationery Fiend. Passionate about helping others journey through life making it what they want it to be. Waking up, shaking up and stepping up into my life. Www.ariennegorlach.com, www.lifeiscrafted.com and www.lifetyped.com
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