Have a question? If you can’t find the answer below, just shoot us an email  (we are at hello@lifetyped.com and we will answer away!)

How quickly is the whole process done?
Once we receive your confirmed payment we will email you a proof within 2 business days (maybe even quicker!). Once we receive the approved proof back, your print will be printed and shipped within 2 business days. You can see more information on the How It Works page.

I need the print in a hurry! Can you do the proof approval process quicker?
We can definitely try! Please contact us and we’ll see if we can get the proof to you as soon as possible.

I want something larger than A4, is this possible?
If you’d like a print that is larger than what is available on the site , please contact us via email and we’ll provide you with the details.

Can I order more than one print?
You sure can! You can add different sizes and even different product types into a single order. Just add each product you want to the cart (the shopping cart will remember what you put in there!). If you want to increase the quantity of a certain print you can change the quantity in the shopping cart.

The rigid envelopes can only hold about 4 prints, so if you would like to order more than 4, you will have to split them between two orders.

What if I want a colour outside the range you offer?
We will happily work in with colours you have in mind! Just contact us for this process. Please note that this service will be an additional AUD$4.

What are your favourite drinks?
Kirsten – I’m loving rum and pineapple juice – very summery :)
Arienne – my latest fav is vanilla vodka and frangelico on ice – yuuuuuum!
We’re both having…alot…ahem…a little bit of vino lately launching LifeTyped!

What’s the difference between ‘personalised’ and ‘customised’?
Currently, all LifeTyped prints are personalised. This means that some part of the print has a specific person’s information included amongst some wonderful but ‘standard’ text. Customised would be if the whole print was specifically put together with an individual’s words and phrases.

I’d like to fully customise a print with my own words and phrases. Is this possible?
Yes it is. Please contact us and we can organise a custom print quotation for you. We are working on developing the product range to cover different life occasions. Check with us if you have an occasion you’d like to see offered.

Do the prints come with frames included?
Not at this stage, we are working on getting frames as part of the products so watch this space!

I’ve got a budgie (snake, rabbit, other random animal) at home. Can you TailsTyped another species besides cats and dogs?
Yes we can! Please contact us and we’ll see what we can do for your little friend.

Are the photos I send to you protected?
Yes, your photos will remain on the LifeTyped protected network. Your photos will only be used for the purpose of the print(s) that you order. They will not be used or distributed for any other purpose. We will not use or sell any of your photographs to any third parties. Your photos will be deleted 30 days from the date of your order is dispatched. Click here for more on our Policies & Privacy

Where is your favourite place in the world?
Kirsten – Africa – my best childhood memories were going on safari
Arienne – I have so many! I adore Paris though…

How do I send you the photo for my personalised print?
Once you’ve placed your order, email us your photo. It should ideally be in portrait setup, a JPEG file and around 1MB in size. We may need to edit or crop your picture to suit the design. We’ll contact you if we need another photo.

Can I upload my photo via the website?
We’re just starting out and have a few of the technical online things to work on. We’ll be working on a shopping cart website early next year. Thank you for supporting our
passion :)

How do you ship the prints?
We ship them in rigid cardboard envelops for protection and ship them via standard airmail.

If I need the print quicker than standard shipping times, can I organise delivery?
Yes we can organise shipping to be expedited for you at an extra cost. Please contact us.

Do you ship internationally?
Why yes, we do! We have friends and contacts all over the world and we wanted to service them too.

I’d like to order a LifeTyped print for a friend as a gift. Can you send the present to them directly?
Yes we can! Just put their Name and Address detail in the ‘Gifting To A Friend’ box on the product page. If they are located overseas please make sure you put their country in the ‘Ship To’ drop down box.

Can I purchase a gift voucher for a friend?
Yes, we’re working on putting this function on the site shortly, but if you’d like to purchase a gift coupon for a friend in the meantime, please email us and we can do it manually for you (we don’t mind at all – we want to share joy LifeTyped prints bring!).

Still haven’t found an answer to your question?…Please Contact us


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