The LoveTyped Range of Love Celebration Prints!
Love and marriage, love and marriage, goes together like a….?
and weddings are treasured times for couples and the ones around them. Celebrate the momentous occasion with a LoveTyped personalised print for yourself or as a gift to loved ones commemorating the proposal or wedding day. Love is all around us!

LoveTyped prints are available for engagements and weddings and come in a range of sizes and colour schemes. Each print is made-to-order in our cozy home print corner and is personalised with the information you provide.

Prints are printed on high quality 230gsm glossy photo paper.
The paper is also acid and lignin free as well as water-resistant.

Please note that frames are not currently included (coming soon though!). If you would like a frame included in the meantime please contact us for a personalised quote.

For timing, proof approval, shipping and other information, please visit our How It Works page.

Like to order a LoveTyped print?

Simply follow the steps below – here’s a quick overview of the process:

Decide on your preferences and place them in the order form towards the bottom of the page!

STEP 1: Decide on your design -engagement or wedding
STEP 2: Decide on your colour palette
STEP 3: Decide if you’d like to include a photo of your own or one of our illustrations
STEP 4: Enter your choices and personal information in the form and click ‘Submit’
STEP 5: Choose your print size, ‘Add to Cart’ and purchase your print…Simple!

Step 1: Decide on the design – engagement or wedding

Here are samples of the Engagement and Wedding designs. The LoveTyped print isa mixture of lovely words and information you provide.
Click on the images below to see larger versions of the prints.
You can choose to have a photo or an illustration (LoveTyped Engagement example below is shown with a photo and the LoveTyped Wedding is shown with an illustration).
Enter your choices in the order form further down the page.

          LoveTyped ENGAGEMENT                                   LoveTyped WEDDING

Step 2: Decide on your colour

Here is our fabulous colour options for you to view! Decide which colour palette best suits your occasion and let us know this colour in the order form further down the page.

Step 3: Photo or Illustration?

One of the best things about LoveTyped is that you can include a beautiful photo of the couple you’re LifeTyping.

Photos will need to be emailed to The photo should be approximately 1MB in size, portrait orientation (like the photo in the example on the left) and in JPEG format. This picture may be cropped or edited by our designer to fit into the design.

If you don’t have a photo you can choose a love heart colour from the palette below instead! Place your choice in the order form.

Step 4: Enter your order and personalised info!

Enter your details and the choices you’ve made above in the form below. HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON at the end of the form to confirm your info – you’re almost finished!

 Don’t forget to click ‘Submit’!

Step 5: Choose your print size

Choose what size you would like to order your print in and click on the appropriate ‘Add to Cart’ button. Then you’re done!

Your finished print size is true to the dimensions below. Please note these are unframed prints.

       $14.95                           $19.95                            $24.95                               $16.95
  Add to Cart                Add to Cart                   Add to Cart                     Add to Cart

If you are picking up from us in Sydney please use discount code SYDPICKUP in the cart
View Cart

Please note:

*No two prints are the same as our prints are personalised with the information you provide to us. Designs may vary slightly.
*Please note you are purchasing a print only. The frames and accessories seen in example photographs are not included in the final product.
*If you would like your print framed, in a larger size or with different colour schemes please contact us for a personalised quote.
*Any questions please check out our FAQs page or send us an email.


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