Behind The Scenes At 11pm


Howdy World! This is the LifeTyped team working away late into the evening trying to get all the wonderful fiddly bits together for you! Yes, you (do you feel bad keeping us awake?!). Well, you shouldn’t, we chose this :)

We are so excited to bring you our range of personalised prints and manifestos to adorn your walls, shelves and hearts.

Kirsten is putting together the templates and pictures in a presentable format, while I’m tearing my hair out putting the website together.

We’re getting our second wind and working hard to ensure everything goes well! It is so nice working with someone else to share the joys, decisions and challenges :)

Here’s to more fun times, documented histories and gorgeous works of art!

Get it LifeTyped!
Kirsten & Arienne




About Arienne Gorlach

Luxe Life Adventuress. Life Design Enthusiast. Stationery Fiend. Passionate about helping others journey through life making it what they want it to be. Waking up, shaking up and stepping up into my life., and
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